After winning a long, brave battle with cervical cancer, el thought her most serious health problems were behind her. Little did she know that her shaking hands and weakening arms were not just temporary inconveniences brought on by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. No. They were her first symptoms of having ALS. A disease that will prematurely take her life.

Like many of us, el knew very little about this vicious disease that has no cure. A disease that will slowly debilitate her. ElBut she quickly learned that in most cases the disease spares the mind and senses. Instead, a victim of ALS with their intelligence and dreams intact, will slowly lose the power to get their body to do what their brain asks of it. A victim of ALS eventually becomes a prisoner in their frozen body.

My cousin el was in disbelief. She wondered. "If this can happen to me at only 50 years old, who else is this happening to? And why?" Everybody in our family got busy in a different way; all trying to help. Moral support, online research, calling ALS clinics, going on doctor appointments with her. Friends came out of the wood-work. Everybody chipped in and a lot has been discovered.

We all began wearing pALS (Patients of ALS) rubber bracelets in honour of her suffering. It was from seeing her family wear these bracelets, and by strangers asking what the bracelets were for, that el set a goal to raise $100,000 for ALS research. She called and asked me one night "What if every person that hears my story, or asks my dad or one of us about our bracelets, gave us just $1.00? Could we raise 100,000? Could we spread the word that far and wide?" I didn't know how to say "No el. We can't raise that much money just by meeting people." So I got thinking and realized that with the internet, cards to hand out, the support of our friends and family, there really is a chance for us to do this. It was then that her young neice Codie asked el "How come in 2006, they don't know how to fix you?" From there the drive for a better future began.

el has set out to raise $100,000.00, and with your help, she hopes to accomplish this in her shortened lifetime.

Your small gift today will help sustain hope in el, and thousands of pALS around the world.

Your small gift will help researchers continue incredible work toward a cure.

Please help and donate as little as a dollar.

el's experience with ALS

From the help, online research and advice of loved ones, el has benefited tremendously. She wants others with ALS to know her findings:

1) Aside from the medication Rilutek® which was prescribed by her doctor, el began taking an Anti-oxidant called CoQ10 in mega-doses everyday. These anti-oxidants have been essential. They have significantly slowed the weakening of her muscles and the severity of her leg cramps. If she misses a day of CoQ10 her head feels like a bowling ball supported on a toothpick; too heavy to hold up. There is no question that daily CoQ10 has been a MAJOR contributor to staying strongest. el doesn't want to share the exact mega-dosage she takes as everybody's body is different. She highly recommends that you speak with your doctor AND that you do your own online research in order to start with an amount thats safe for you.

2) The symptoms of ALS come and go in intensity. One day she is barely able to brush her own hair and the next day her strength to brush comes back. With no rhyme or reason her capabilities come and go. el finds great relief in knowing that tomorrow can be a better day, if only temporarily. When her breathing becomes difficult, she knows it will rebound. That being said, it is also true that from month to month, el is able to do less on her own.

3) Bathing in a tub of Dead Sea Salts is the closest el gets to feeling normal these days. The floating effect it provides to her legs and arms relieves the exertion she feels from just getting around through the day. The relief it gives her whole body is indescribable. Epsom salts help somewhat, but Dead Sea Salts manage to "get inside her body" and make her feel rejuventated. It isn't until an hour or two later that the effects of gravity stresses her muscles all over again...and the cycle continues.

4) When looking to find physical tools to aid in her day to day life, el wasn't able to find an ALS section in any online store, or in any store for that matter. It was in the arthritis sections that she found a portable back scratcher she carries in her purse, a gripper to help with door knobs, a key holder to help with leverage. She recommends you search for devices made for arthritis sufferers to find the things that make sustained independance possible.

5) Spot number 5 remains open. Please visit us here at from time to time to see if el discovered that YES, one can raise $100,000.00 through the generosity of people just like you.

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